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Bahnmiller Family

I did a family shoot for this family a few years ago, so I was really excited to take their family portraits again. I love being able to shoot for someone multiple times!

Sandy Home

This beautiful home is currently being remodeled and let me just say that the owners are doing a great job. This is just the basement, and I love what they’ve done with their space. They’ve definitely made it a welcoming and comfortable place to stay. I love the classic simple style.

Alloway Family

This great family is not from Utah, but they were here visiting for a family get together. It was the first time in several years that this mom had all her adult children all together, and I was lucky enough to get to take their photos! And how beautiful is this little girl?!

Hadley Family

I’ve been watching these cute kids grow for several years now and I’m so glad that I can take their pictures again! This family really is a joy to be around.